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    Who is Lalbhai Dalpatbhai?

    Lalbhai Dalpatbhai (1863-1912) was an industrialist and one of the first generation textile mill owners from Ahmedabad, who laid the foundation of the present-day Lalbhai group of Industries.


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    How we get an appointment to visit the research center at LDII

    Just check the LDII time of opening it and holiday, and you can just call and confirm and take the time to visit so that will be easy. Otherwise you can visit at any time if LDII is open.

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    How to place order for the manuscript?

    First of all you need to become a member of the Portal. After that whatever manuscript copy you need, you just need to open that manuscript on Portal, click on Request of Download button and you will be ask some information, once you fill them and do submit, in 2-3 days you will get reply to pay for it and get copy.

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    What is LD Museum?

    The museum was inaugurated with two designated galleries, Smt. Madhuri Desai Gallery (Ground Floor) and Muni Punyavijayji Gallery (First Floor). In 2004, a third gallery Priyakant T. Munshaw Gallery of coinage was designed.

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    How to place order for the publications and the payment details?

    In Publication, choose your selected publication and go to its detail page, you will get option of Add to Cart and from there you can place the order and pay online.

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    Who is the architect of L.D. Museum building?

    The architect of L.D. Museum building is the Shri. Balakrishna Doshi

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    How we get an appointment to visit the Museum?

    Museum is open for all, you just need to check the visit time and day on the portal.

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    Is NCM in the same building of Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum?

    Yes, The NCM in the same building of Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum.....

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    Who is NC Mehta?

    Shri Nanalal Chamanlal Mehta, son of Shri Chamanlal Chotalal Mehta, was born at Jaramatha, near Ahmedabad, on 17th November 1892. After his initial education at Rajkot, and at Wilson College Bombay, he obtained a BA in Natural Sciences and Economics at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge and joined the Indian Civil Service in 1915. At a very young age he was married to Shanta Motilal Shah.